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Dating isn't about games and talent - its about strategy.  


When you're tired of playing games and ready to move forward in dating, the Masters Class program is the place for you to be. 


In this 6 month long program, you'll learn all the strategy needed to end up in a beautiful relationship with that perfect for you person. With two classes and one specialized activity a month specifically catered towards your needs, the Masters Class program has exactly what you need to transform your dating life.  


Coached by an expert and surrounded by a community of support, you'll find ways to troubleshoot dating hiccups, resources for your worries and woes, and exactly what you need to up your game. 


Ready to change your life? At an incredible bundle steal of $200/month, the Masters Class gives you the most bang for your buck in what the Dating Counselor has to offer. Sign up now! 

The Masters Class

Price Options
Masters Class
$200.00every month for 6 months
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