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If you're starting to think that online dating doesn't work anymore, I've got a solution for you. 

It's highly likely you've seen some pretty awful dating profiles out there.  It's also highly likely that you've had some awful likes, some crummy conversations, and even a handful of ghosts.  Nobody wants that. 

What if I could help you change that? What if I told you online dating isn't actually broken - it just needs the right amount of polish. 

Get pulled out of your online dating dry spell and into a thriving dating era with Profile Polish! We'll help you build a bomb profile and give you the key to good online dating with guides and a personal consultation.

90% of my clients get to better matches and better dates after a Profile Polish. Stop wasting time with lousy matches and start getting out there! 


Get off the apps and on to dates

Start seeing actual results with online dating - with the complete Profile Polish package!

With the Profile Polish, your dating experience will be taken to the next level with a personalized consultation with Loni & the Dating Counselor team, The Perfect Profile eGuide, a Messaging Quick Guide, and a newly crafted profile! Slow down the ghosting, speed up the matches, and start meeting people that are genuinely ready to connect. 

Let's get you off the apps and on to dates!

Build a Bomb Profile With Personalized Consultation

Not sure if your profile is actually getting you any attention? You know you're cute - let us show the dating world! With Profile Polish, you'll get a personalized consultation on your current profile and insight into crafting a new profile with the Profile Builder to hone in your perfect look. We'll help your profile be as bomb as it can be and start getting results quickly!

Navigate the sea of swipers with the eGuide

We know you're tired of bad profiles, grody matches, and swiping on people that don't ever message or reply - we'll help you avoid them ;) 

Once your online profile has been perfected, the Online Dating Navigator guide will give you pointers on how to make peace with dating apps, use them to your advantage, navigate the seas of profiles, decode tricky prompts, and build good online dating skills to keep you going after your consultation!

Get on to dates with the  

Message to Meet Up Manual

Stuck on the app? Not sure how to get offline and in person on a date?

Now that you've got matches, lets take them to the next level! Along with the consultation, Profile Builder, and eGuide, the Profile Polish comes with your own Message to Meet Up Manual to help you take your great matches to the next step with useful and helpful lines for sticky situations, great ideas for better conversations, and scripts for tricky texts that you aren't sure how to reply to. 

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Add to your profile and make it pop!

Thinking that you might need new pics to go with that Profile Polish? 


Let’s get you looking your best.


Here’s your opportunity to start out on a new foot for the season!


I’m partnering with professional photographer and fellow single, Elsa Jensen, to bring you an awesome good deal on fresh photos - for your dating profile, social profiles, or just for fun.


Purchase of a Profile Perfect Mini comes complete with a $25 off code for an Online Dating Profile Polish!

Details below - 


Saturday, May 11th


5-8:30 PM*

Hidden Valley Park,

Sandy, UT

Ready to commit? ;)

You could be on your way to the next best date you'll have.

Sign up below.


Own the app

"While online dating is not the only way to meet people, it is turning into a major way people meet and date.  A modern world brings modern dating - and that includes apps.  Don't let them keep you from finding success - navigate online dating and its nuances successfully.  Its quick - its fun - and it'll help you own the app, instead of it owning you."

- Loni Harmon 

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