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Find your person
and keep them.

Overwhelmed with knowing how you'll know how to find your person?  The modern dating world is large!  How can you know if someone you've met is a good match and will last in a relationship?



Relationship Building
in Modern Dating

Finding a good person - better yet, your person - is what we all want 

What if there was a surefire method and way to be able to screen and find that person? In Relationship Building in Modern Dating, you'll learn how to screen your potential person and have that cliche (but successful) relationship with them that you're looking for.  With this trademark method for both screening and building, you can stop wasting time on people who aren't a match and stop worrying if you'll choose the right person.  

What you'll get...

Lifetime Access

A virtual 1 hour course with lifetime access, workbooks, and aid. 

Trademark Method

Method and models for screening specifically built by The Dating Counselor and proved by hundreds of clients.

Confidence in Dating

A boost in your dating riz as you apply building methods that take you one step closer to meeting your person.

Ready for more? 

Try the Foundations for Modern Dating course or check out my workshops for even more dating downloads!

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