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Your relationship status does not determine your worth.

Life comes at us fast.

Sometimes, it leaves us uncertain of how to move forward. 

Your status doesn't determine your worth.

With the help of licensed therapist, you can move forward through whatever hiccups or major roadblocks are in your way now and move forward with hope in your journey in dating. Whether it be a few one on one coaching or long term one on one therapy, find the solutions you've been longing for with Loni.

Own your life - and your dating

"Taking the first step into one on one therapy and coaching is a big step.  Congrats for being here! I'm so proud of you for the steps you've taken.  If you want to learn a little bit more and are unsure of what you need going forward, you can book a free consultation with me.  I'd love to talk with you!" - Loni

What's to a one on one?

Well, thats up to you!

30 minutes - 1 hour - whatever you may feel you need,  spend the time going over the things that are important to you and get geared plans of action and the much needed relief you're looking for so you can move forward through the rough waters on to the road of healing and beautiful relationships.  Unsure about joining a group class or workshop? One on ones are a safe place for you to air what you need and get personalized help. Start now and feel the difference. 

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