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Dating isn't a game.
It's a strategy.

How often have you heard the phrase 'games' involved in dating? 'She knows how to play the game' 'I'm tired of games' 'Quit playing games with my heart' (eh, Backstreet Boys?).  No matter what is said, there seems to be a connotation that dating is a game that one is either good at playing, or not.  But what if I told you thats not the case at all?  Dating isn't about games and talent - its about strategy.  And strategy can be learned.  Better yet, strategy can help you play the game right and get to exactly where you need to be. When you're tired of playing games and ready to move forward in dating, the Masters Class program is the place for you to be.  You'll learn all the strategy needed to end up in a beautiful relationship with that perfect for you person. 


The Masters Class

Coached by an expert

Dating is as much about personal growth as it is about finding a good partner and beautiful relationships. And when it comes to personal growth and finding love in your life, being coached by an expert is exactly what you want on your side - a Mr. Miyagi of dating and relationships, if you will.  The Masters Class program is the place to be when you're ready to stop playing games and one up your dating life as you join a 6-month coaching program with a group of like minded individuals to learn from the best. 

Here's the Breakdown
What is the Masters Class?

Personal Coaching
by an Expert

Group Learning & Support

Personalized Lessons

Instead oof hearing from your friend's sister's roommate on the best way to get the guy (or gal), work directly with an expert dating coach to develop dating strategies and self confidence.  Loni's personal experience in the Utah dating scene, along with 12 years of professional experience as a therapist and coach brings every answer to the table.  Ask any question - any time - and Loni is there to help you through it. 

Why a group setting? You might be thinking that sounds a bit uncomfy.  Or maybe that your dating woes are specific to you.  Well, after years of researching and analyzing, Loni has learned that we learn best and make transformational changes when we have community.  You'll work with and learn from one another.  You'll find yourself with a group of people who go through and understand the same scenarios you do and go through the decision making and over analyzing together, to come out on the other side with new unexpected besties and a group of bonded support. 

As we go through the program, and as the modern world keeps changing, no two lessons are the same and content changes are fluid.  Lessons and discussions are completely based off of what you need.  Through Loni's insight and adaptability, each meeting is specifically created with you and your situation in mind.  Walk away from each interaction feeling like you've had exactly the right things taught and shared with you, building your confidence and honing in on the strategy. 

6 month program 

Whew! That's a time commitment! But, like a good relationship that will last, personal growth takes time and transformation.  We want to help you actually get that dreamy spouse and mushy love you're hoping for - so Loni's here to see you through it all.  This long term program is created to follow you through the rollercoasters of dating, coming out stronger on the other side.  With two discussions/lessons and one customized activity a month, you'll find yourself blazing through the months, seeing change, and looking forward to the next meeting.  Have a change happen in life and can't finish the 6 months? Flexibility in payment and enrollment allows for ability to leave if needed.  So, what's there to lose? Come and join!

Constant support and access

With group communication and personal access to your coach, never feel like you have to 'wait until next session' to get the help or answers you need now.  Get insight and cheers from your #1 cheerleaders as you slide into DMs and get the dates - its up to you if you decide to kiss and tell ;)


Your relationship status doesn't determine
your worth.

"No one would say you're not good at dating or that you are the problem.  In fact, I'd say you're the solution.  Your worth isn't determined by your relationship status - you are already enough! Simply put, you don't know what you don't know.  And when it comes to the psychology behind personal growth, dating, and relationships, there's a lot to know.  You are dateable!

Join my Master's Class, learn the strategy to dating,

and be in the know. Let's get dating!"

- Loni Harmon, The Dating Counselor

Hear from the graduates

Elsa | Draper, UT

"I'll admit it - I was a little embarrassed at the idea of having to have a dating coach - Like I was Albert Brenneman and I have no game.  Since being in the Masters Class, I've learned that I'm not bad at dating and I do have game! I just needed better strategies. Everything Loni teaches and coaches is the exact information needed to help anyone, at any stage, while bringing the right kind of confidence to your game. The Dating Counseling is a dating professional and there are professionals for a reason - if we didn't need them, there would be no use for them. Because you don't know what you don't know. Doctors, psychologists, marketers, lawyers, and even dating counselors - they all have insights and knowledge to make adjustments, start new practices, and hone in on being your best.  Signing up to work with a professional was the best decision I could have made for myself."

Lisa | UT

"Loni is everything you could ask for during any phase of dating.  Loni has given me the tools to navigate through the obstacles of dating in addition to many areas of my life.   Dating has become something I don't overthink anymore and because of it, I now enjoy the dating process.  I feel indebted to her for her listening ear and unparalleled advice which will serve me in countless areas in my life both now and in the days to come."

Lindy | SLC, UT

"I started Loni's Master's Class because I wanted better dating skills and felt like it was I could do to be more in control of my dating life and I feel like Loni delivered on that. It gave me a lot of good information and the knowledge I needed to be in a better spot to be more open to dating. It really put me in a good frame of mind.  I happened to meet someone along the way and the things I learned in the class helped me and kept me grounded.  Its good to have a group of people in the class to bounce things off of and learn from.  I would highly recommend it because it gives you the tools that you need, a lot of great information, and it just gives you a good base that no one is teaching or learning these days.  It's really useful applicable information for today."


If you're ready to get serious - this is the place.  Own your dating life.  Learn the strategy - and ditch the games. Join the waitlist now!

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