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It's not you, its the era. 

What if I told you that your dating woes have more to do with the era we're living in and less to do with you? Today's dating world can really leave us feeling like we're not dateable. 

Technology, new levels of vulnerability, fast paced relationship builds - each goes against the hardwiring in us to build long and successful relationships. 

You are dateable, but dating isn't intuitive today.  Modern dating requires a modern woman and a modern man. To navigate the murky waters of dating today, you need tools. No matter where you're at in your dating life and experience, Foundations for Modern Dating will teach you how to navigate the waters and own the modern dating era so it becomes your best era yet.  


*Women's Only Class

What is Foundations for Modern Dating? 

Live Learning

Lifetime Access

Community of Support

4 week live virtual course taught by Loni Harmon on specialized topics for navigating today's modern world. Join me and other participants in active learning, personalized feedback and coaching along with a community of support. 

With lifetime access to the videos from our course and a student-community, you'll have the tools and the accountability in your dating life to help get you unstuck in sticky situations. 

Why a group class? I've found that results happen best when we find community among each other and work together to learn, build, and lift.  


What the
people say

Alissa | SLC, UT

"I learned how to navigate dating with a clear strategy for developing relationships and knowing how to identify characteristics and behavior that can make it lasting. Loni teaches with real world applications and humor that makes it easier to apply these principles into my own dating practices." 

Jennifer | Orem, UT

"Since taking Loni's Foundations class, I feel more confident in myself and better understand what I am looking for in a partner.  She explained the male psyche and helped me to see areas in which I can improve to be a better match! I have seen an immediate shift in my dating experience! I wish I had this information a decade ago."

Casey | SLC, UT

"The class is exactly what I needed. Loni is funny and relatable and the content meets you wherever you are in your relationship journey. I feel more confident in my ability to know what I want in a relationship, set boundaries, and determine if a guy is safe and healthy to date." 

the club

Start your best era yet

Foundations for Modern Dating 

February and March 2024

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