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Meet singles in the wild

The number one question singles ask today - the number one need - the number one desire - to meet other singles!  I'm here to help.  With my team of singles (like you) and a network of awesome singles (like you), I'm hosting events that help you have fun and expand who you know in a low pressure setting.  Come meet other great people in a safe environment and make new relationships - for romantic or platonic purposes ;)


MIX & SINGLE New Year's Event

Need new New Years Plans? Or feel like adding to your already scheduled fun? How about meeting new people? 

Join us in the event to end your year right. Find like minded singles looking to meet new people and make connections whether platonic romantic.  WIth a DJ, mocktails, and games, come and meet new people and end your year on a high note!

Friday, December 29th, @ 8pm

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