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Ever feel like you've figured out one area of dating, only to recognize you're feeling clueless in another? Maybe you've got the trademark method down or you applied the Foundations - but you just found question marks in other areas. Or maybe you just want to keep expanding your dating skills! Female psychology? Steps to a better dating profile? How to get (and keep) a good man? 


We've got you covered.  Specifically tailored workshops for

new comers and regulars, created with your questions and needs

in mind from our research and feedback. 

Join the crowd and listen to Loni on Love. 

Loni on Love

Get the deep dive on everything you want to know and the trendiest new topics in dating. Make your way through the dating world, one step ahead of the game.

What's in a workshop?

Dating brings constant questions.  And the modern world, brings constant new trends and needs.

Built specifically with you in mind, Loni on Love Workshops are single time 1 hour tailored workshops held via Zoom with your questions and needs specifically in mind.

Trending Topics

With constant changes and new adaptations in dating, workshop topics shift with what you need.  No two topics are the same and each workshop brings its own specific knowledge to the table. Have a question or topic you want to learn more on? Submit it to our team and we'll take a deeper dive into whats needed!

One time commitment

Not quite sure you're ready for a course or program? Joining a friend and fulfilling wingman duties for a workshop? Or maybe are you an alumni of The Dating Counselor and just want to join the group and brush up on new topics? Loni on Love Workshops are one time classes held specifically with a busy schedule in mind, meant to give you all the info you need and the time to get out to do it, without extra class days or extensive commitments (for all you commitment phobic people our there ;) ). 

Advice from the Expert

Who would have thought dating would start on an app? With 12+ years of experience in dating coaching (and her own personal experience surviving the modern Utah dating scene), Loni's knowledge about every topic from dating apps to male psychology to 'the spark' is exactly how you can up your game and feel on top of new topics and have your deepest questions answered.

Ready to level up your skills?

Check out the next Workshop topics and dates below!

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