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Hi! I'm Loni, The Dating Counselor! I help people change their dating lives and find love with my courses, podcast, and coaching.

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Date Smarter, Not Harder

If you find yourself struggling to find a match that is goals and lasts the season, its time to try something new.  But instead of a new app or neighborhood, try new dating skills. 

Dating in today's world is complicated - its less intuitive, its full of way more decisions and the risks seem higher than before. Even in the last 5 years, new trends that never existed before like ghosting and situationships have emerged, making dating feel really exhausting and frustrating. That's why your story isn't turning out to be your mom and dad's match or even your bestie's romance.  

Dating isn't a game.  Its a strategy. 

I'll walk you step by step through how to find your person and build a good relationship thats better than the 90's romcoms. Foundations for Modern Dating will teach you to find the love you're looking for and keep your cool at the same time. 


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Gain all the strategy needed to end up in a beautiful relationship with that perfect for you person. 

One-on-one coaching, community learning, and extended education to help boost your dating life in 2024 and beyond! Click below to learn more.

You are dateable. We find love that lasts when we see our value and learn how to navigate dating in a modern world with knowledge, tools, and support.

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Change your dating game

If you're find yourself tired of dating games and ready to find your person, an upgrade in your dating life is due. The Masters Class program is built as a custom dating coaching platform that brings 1:1 coaching and a community of fellow daters through monthly gatherings, group communications, and regular activities. Start your journey to find love. 

Custom Lessons & Discussions

Fit to the group and your dating needs

Monthly Group

Meet Ups

Activities, retreats, & sessions to boost your dating skills.

Community of Besties

Find support and like minded friends in a tight knit dating community.

Sarah | Lehi, UT

“Loni helped me realize that I was fully capable of loving someone and being loved in return. Her guidance helped me to own my journey and not be afraid of imperfections. Facing anxiety about relationships became something I felt I could handle, and it led to me being confident enough to say yes to the guy I love!”

Melinda | SLC, UT

“Loni is everything you could ask for during your phase of dating. She has given me the tools to navigate through the obstacles of dating in addition to many areas of my life. Dating has become something I don’t overthink anymore and because of it, I now enjoy the dating process. I feel indebted to her for her listening ear and unparalleled advice which will serve me in countless areas of my life both now and in days to come.”

Austin | Provo, UT

"Loni's method speaks to all singles both wanting to improve their dating practices and better facilitate a healthy relationship. She provides many lessons backed by studies and lived experiences. Her passion and experience in this specific niche of self-improvement has brought me hope when feeling discombobulated in the modern era of dating!" 

Talia | Lehi, UT

"Loni was recommended to me by a friend while I was telling her my dating woes. Her class on dating really helped me to reflect on my past relationships and experiences.  Loni really cares about every person she works with and wants you to succeed! She has a great sense of humor, and really knows what young single adults deal with in today's dating world."

Kiley | SLC, UT

"Loni provides the foundational keys to successful dating 

with humor and grace. I appreciated the different 

view points of the group members. I loved knowing I wasn't alone." 

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Here's the Honest Dating Truth - from me to you! 

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