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The Honest Dating Truth

I’m here to let you in on a little secret.  


Everything you’ve been told about dating is false.  The spark isn’t real - men don’t just magically show up in your backyard with a boombox playing a love song - women don’t fall weak at the knees after their first date - and there isn’t just ONE right person for you. 


As much as we love ‘em, movies and Hollywood have skewed our vision of dating and relationships - and it’s making it hard to spot your perfect person in a sea of false notions. 


Let me give you the truth - the honest truths about dating.  


These are straight from my heart, to you.  As a licensed professional therapist specializing in dating and relationships, I’ve become the Utah Dating Expert, and I’ve seen it all. 


The problem with dating isn’t you - it’s the false notions we’ve been fed over our lifetime.  You are dateable! Shift your mental game and join thousands of daters like you in the movement to change crappy dating culture and find a secure happy relationship you deserve. 


With love, 


Loni, The Dating Counselor

Honest Dating Truth EGuide

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